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How to backup contacts and sms messages from Huawei Ascend M860

In our guideline we will introduce service which supports many phones from almost all manufacturers and can be easily used to synchronize data between two or more devices.

Download PhoneCopy for Android to your Android phone (VERSION 2.2 and higher ONLY), which you can download free of charge. After downloading and installation, go through following steps.

Run the app and pick Create new account. Don't forget to choose proper contacts databases to sync.
Create new account Fill in and register

After successful registration, press Synchronize. You will be asked to choose proper sync direction. If you have an account, type your username and password and press the button login. If you want to transfer your contacts from your device into server, choose This device --> server. If you want to transfer your contacts fron server into your device, choose Server --> device, or you can choose Combine both.

You can see red button "Agree and continue" to confirm actions depending on the direction you have chosen. Now, you see the synchronization.

Press the button ok.

Once everything is done, check your data on the web. Login to PhoneCopy webpage and you will see brief review of all data transferred from your device. With another mouse click, you can review the change of each particular item.

Some additional tips:

You can easily remove duplicate items among your contact list or SMS messages. Just go to the Contacts (or SMS) section and choose More Actions -> Search for duplicates. Detailed wizard will help you to solve this kind of problem easily.